Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Heal Ozone


This is a special treatment offered at the practice suitable for those patients who have superficial decay or other shallow lesions in their teeth and would prefer treatment without using a drill. HealOzone is a form of ozone treatment which can in selected cases replace the drill and as a painless treatment eliminates the need for anaesthetic. This treatment can also be used to sterilise infected root canals of teeth that are not responding to conventional forms of treatment as well as the treatment of infected ulcers in the soft tissues.

A probe with a suction cup on the end is placed on the lesion to create a seal and then the area under the seal is bathed in ozone. This basically sterilises the area in question and allows the dentist to place a filling as the bacteria in the area have been neutralized. Dr. Algra, has the necessary equipment in his surgery to carry out these treatments. If you have a small decayed lesion in your tooth, a recuring ulcer not responding to conventional medicine or an open root canal infection not responding to antibiotics call our reception today to see if you are suitable for such a procedure with Dr. Algra.
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