Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the advances in modern dentistry there are now many more options available to enable you to smile with confidence. Whether your teeth are discoloured, chipped, crooked we can give you the smile that you want. 
Modern techniques such as tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers, white fillings, orthodontics and dental implants are all available at Church View Clinic.

Dental Implants & Bridges

Dental implants are our preferred method of treatment to replace missing teeth. They are an effective way of perfecting a ‘natural’ smile which looks and feels like your original teeth. Implants offer many advantages:

• The dentist does not need to damage any other teeth to secure the implant into the mouth unlike bridgework or some partial dentures.

Heal Ozone

This is a special treatment offered at the practice for those patients who have superficial decay or other shallow lesions in their teeth and would prefer treatment without using a drill. 
HealOzone is a form of ozone treatment which can in selected cases replace the drill and as a painless treatment eliminates the need for anaesthetic.

Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

Church View Dental offers a range of oral hygiene procedures from air abrasion to scaling and polishing as well as implant maintenance and treatment of gum disease via antibiotic gels or disinfectant chips that can be placed under the gums. Advice can also be given on oral hygiene maintenance and the best products to use to cater for the individual patients needs. The clinic has three hygienists Mrs. Inwood and Ms. Chana who is also a dental therapist, as well as Miss Brown who is also a qualified dental hygienist and dental therapist. They are available three days a week between them and will be able to help with the maintenance of complex work as well as general oral hygiene. The oral hygienists are also in a position to offer advice on tooth whitening (bleaching) and to offer tooth whitening procedures for the clinic's patients.

Cosmetic Crowns

Church View Clinic offers a range of cosmetic crowns, inlays and other cast restorations to replace large discoloured cracked silver amalgam and white fillings. Most porcelain veneer crowns have a metal substructure with a porcelain covering on the outside. The problem with these crowns is that they do not allow light to pass through resulting in an opaque looking tooth and quite often if there is any gum recession or corrosion of the metal substructure one can be left with an unsightly black line around the gum margins.

Dental Hygene

Chuch View Dental offers a range of oral hygiene procedures from simple scaling and polishing to implant maintenance and treatment of gum disease via antibiotic gels or disinfective chips that can be placed under the gums.


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