Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Cosmetic Crowns


Cosmetic Crowns and Inlays

Church View Clinic offers a range of cosmetic crowns, inlays and other cast restorations to replace large discoloured cracked silver amalgam and white fillings. Most porcelain veneer crowns have a metal substructure with a porcelain covering on the outside. The problem with these crowns is that they do not allow light to pass through resulting in an opaque looking tooth and quite often if there is any gum recession or corrosion of the metal substructure one can be left with an unsightly black line around the gum margins.
At Church View Dental Clinic we can overcome this problem by using zirconium (diamond) and glass core veneer crowns with a porcelain covering. This allows us to create a crown that allows light to pass through, giving it a similar translucence to natural teeth, without the unsightly black lines around the gum margins and is not just esthetically pleasing but also long lasting due to the interior strength of the core material. The Clinic also offers patients porcelain, ENAMIC or zirconium inlays for the replacement of large silver or white fillings in teeth that are not really suitable for fillings anymore but are not that damaged to require crowns. These restorations look just like white fillings, but are many times stronger. Dr. Algra and Dr. Wilcynski will be happy to discuss these options with patients and will be able to advise if a patient is suitable for one of these procedures.


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